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Description Amount
1963 Heritage Endowed Scholarship
25th Anniversary Grizzly Booster Board Scholarship
25th Anniversary Volleyball Alumni Scholarship-West Plains
Adeline E. Moore Scholarship Endowment
Al Hufstedler Leadership Scholarship Endowment
Al Hufstedler Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Alan and Norma Ramseur Grizzly Scholarship Fund
Allison London Smith Endowed Scholarship
Angela Dawn Conway Endowed Music Scholarship
Annual Auction at MSU-West Plains
Annual Fund for MSU-West Plains
Ariane Brooks/Physical Therapy Specialists Clinic Grizzly Sc
Bessie Yadon Memorial Scholarship
Bill and Shirley Virdon Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Bill and Tammy Davis Grizzly Volleyball Scholarship
Bill Burris Endowed Scholarship
Billy Joe and Faith Lovelace Grizzly Basketball Endowed Scholarship
Bob Lawrence Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Burton Creek Pharmacy Grizzly Endowed Scholarship Fund
Business Professorship Endowment
Carol Bell Silvey Endowed Scholarship
Carr Ward Family Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Cecil Riley and Greg Prevett Memorial Scholarship
Chancellors' Grizzly Basketball Endowed Scholarship
Charles H. and Rena Wood Endowed Scholarship
Chuck and Sue Kimberlin Endowed Scholarship
Clyde and Joyce Bell Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship
Colton's Steak House & Grill of West Plains Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Community First Banking Company of West Plains Grizzly Schol
Computer Graphics and Programming Department
Courtney and Greg Beykirch Family Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Crissy Bell Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Darr Honors Program Endowed Professorship
Darr Incentive Endowed Scholarship
Darr Scholar Award
David and Deborah Grisham Wehrman Leadership Scholarship
Dixie Huff Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Don and Judy Kenslow Endowed Scholarship
Donald E. and Carol D. (Roe) Reser and Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Donald Flinner Scholarship
Donna Jones Endowed Professorship of Nursing
Doug Darr Community Leadership Restricted Current Scholarship
Dr. Bruce Mitchell Smith Endowed Scholarship
Earl S. and Ruth N. Webb Endowed Scholarship
Ed and Lorene Thompson Brooks Corps of Opportunity Scholarsh
Ed and Lorene Thompson Brooks Grizzly Scholarship Endowment
Edward L. 'Harry' Reavis Grizzly Scholarship Fund
Emory Melton Endowed Scholarship
English Department at MSU-West Plains
Eual 'Bud' James Academic Restricted Current Scholarship
Everett and Opal Parrott Memorial Scholarship
Ewan Linton Memorial Grizzly Basketball Scholarship
Frances Reiter Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Friends of Garnett Library
Friends of Garnett Library Book Fund
Gammill Family Foundation Scholarship for Nursing School
Garnett Library at MSU-West Plains
Gene Austin Grizzly Basketball Endowment Fund
General Fund for MSU-West Plains
Glenwood Mustang Milestone Endowed Scholarship
Glyn Spears Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gohn Hall
Gohn Hall Special Project
Gourley Foundation Restricted Scholarship
Grace Putnam Good Citizen Nursing Scholarship
Graham and Connie O'Neal Endowed Scholarship
Granvil and Idell Vaughan Memorial Endowed Fund
Grigsby Family Scholarship
Grizzly Athletic Coaches Endowment
Grizzly Athletics at MSU-West Plains
Grizzly Basketball Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Grizzly Basketball Challenge Scholarship
Grizzly Cheer Team at MSU-West Plains
Grizzly Commemorative Scholarship Fund
Grizzly Men's Basketball at MSU-West Plains
Grizzly Welcome Week
Grizzly Women's Volleyball at MSU-West Plains
Harlin Family Business Scholarship
Harlin Family Grizzly Scholarship
Hass-Darr Hall
Herbert L. and Mary Beth Lunday Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Hilburn Family Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Honorable William Hass Endowed Scholarship
J.E. 'Good' and Virginia 'Beanie' Hard Nursing Scholarship
Jack and Marian McNevin Endowed Scholarship
Jack Nelson Wiles, M.D. Endowed Scholarship
James and Audrey Friend Restricted Scholarship
Jerry and Sue Hall Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Jess and Betty Garnett Family Endowed Scholarship
Jess and Betty Garnett Grizzly Scholarship Fund
Jess and Betty Garnett Scholarship
Jim and Cindy McFarland Endowed Scholarship
Jim and Nell Peters Endowed Scholarship
John and Dixie Williams Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
John Craig Memorial Scholarship
Judge Harold and Martha M. Henry Endowed Scholarship
Judith Shepard Newman Endowed Scholarship
Kabul Nursing Homes Scholarship Honoring Dr. Joe L. Spear
Kellett Hall Endowment
Kent and Barbara Thomas Student Ambassador Book Scholarship Endowment
Kissiar-Knight Grizzly Volleyball Scholarship
Kissinger Family Grizzly Scholarship Fund
Lady Grizzly Volleyball Challenge Scholarship
Lela and Lowell Fleenor Restricted Current Scholarship
Lelia Heuer Restricted Current Scholarship
Lelia Heuer Restricted Scholarship for Respiratory Therapy
Lelia Heuer Restricted Scholarship-Howell County
Letters and Communications Endowed Scholarship
Lida Risner Bozman and Louis Bozman Endowed Scholarship
Lillian Meade Darr Endowed Leadership Scholarship
Linda Wood Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Lisa Crumpley Memorial Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Literacy Awareness Program
Looney Hall at MSU-West Plains
Lorin L. Vaughn Probation and Parole Citizens Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship
Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center
M.O. Looney Community Service Endowed Scholarship
M.O. Looney Grizzly Scholarship
Margaret W. Shaw Endowed Scholarship
Marianna Hoover Endowed Scholarship
Marvin Wheeler and Lorene Wheeler Endowed Scholarship
Mary H. Sheid Student Ambassador Book Scholarship Endowment
Mary Lou and Don Sallee Endowed Scholarship
Math Educators of South Central Missouri Restricted Scholarship
Mathematics Department at MSU-West Plains
Maxine Brown Restricted Scholarship
May Wheeler Memorial Scholarship
Mike and Mary Jane Lybyer Endowed Scholarship
Mildred M. Schobert Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mountain Grove 2006 Missouri State Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Mountain Grove MSU Alumni and Friends Annual Scholarship
Mountain Grove MSU Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Mountain Grove/Shannon Hall-MSU-West Plains
MSU-West Plains Alumni and Friends Scholarship
Mynde N. Tarter Memorial Grizzly Volleyball Endowed Scholarship
Mynde Tarter Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mynde Tarter Restricted Scholarship for Grizzly Volleyball
Nancy White Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Naomi McKee Memorial Endowed Scholarship
NJCAA National Tournament Volleyball Scholarship
Noel and Berniece Garner Family Grizzly Basketball Scholarship
Norman and Peggy Rieger Family Endowed Scholarship
Norman Rieger Dora Endowed Scholarship
Nursing Program at MSU-West Plains
Onita Trett Endowed Scholarship
Ozark Machinery Grizzly Scholarship
Ozark Radio Network Grizzly Scholarship Fund
Ozarks Medical Center Grizzly Volleyball Scholarship
Pahlmann 25th Anniversary Grizzly Endowed Scholarship
Pahlmann Family Endowed Scholarship
Paul and Virginia Brown Grizzly Endowment Fund
Peggy Rieger Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Philanthropic Women for Education
Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners Grizzly Scholarship
Preacher Roe Grizzly Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Putnam Student Center at MSU-West Plains
Ralph F. and Louella Cox Endowed Scholarship
Richards House Endowment
Rita Fugate Endowed Scholarship
Rita J. Turpin Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Robert Neathery Grizzly Scholarship Fund
Robert Neathery Scholarship
Robert T. Drago Endowed Scholarship
Roger D. Shaw Endowed Scholarship
Ron Stone Memorial Fund
Roy Mayfield Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Beach Endowed Scholarship
Science and Technology Fair at MSU-West Plains
Science Department at MSU-West Plains
Senator Doyle Childers Endowed Scholarship
Smith London Centennial Bell Tower
South Central Correctional Center Education Program
South Central Ozark Home Health Endowed Scholarship
St. Francis Farm Endowed Book Scholarship
State Farm Insurance Grizzly Volleyball Scholarship
Student Academic Support at MSU-West Plains
Tarter-Thompson Endowed Scholarship
Ted and Jeanette Gilliam Endowed Scholarship
Texas County Memorial Hospital/Marlene Martensen Educational
Travis and Chase Smith Grizzly Scholarship Fund
Tuttle Amphitheater at MSU-West Plains
University/Community Programs at MSU-West Plains
Urban Missouri Scholarship
Valeria Moore Memorial Scholarship
Veronica Mays Memorial Scholarship
Vivian H. Drago Endowed Leadership Scholarship
Wal-Mart Foundation Grizzly Volleyball Scholarship
Walt Wegner Scholarship for Religious Studies
Wendell Bailey Entrepreneurship Program Endowment
West Plains Bank and Trust Endowed Scholarship
West Plains Campus Alumni Fund
William and Virginia Darr Endowed Leadership Scholarship
William and Virginia Darr Honors Program Endowment
William Robert Thompson Scholarship Fund
Zizzers Class of 1964 Alumni and Friends Endowed Scholarship