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Description Amount
1997 Senior Class Gift Fund
1998 Senior Class Gift Fund
2000 Senior Class Endowed Scholarship
2000 Senior Class Gift-Cornerstone Repair
2001 Senior Class Gift Fund
2002 Senior Class Gift Fund
2003 Senior Class Gift Fund
2004 Senior Class Gift Fund
2005 Senior Class Gift Fund
2006 Senior Class Gift Fund
2007 Senior Class Gift Scholarship
2008 Senior Class Gift Fund
2009 Senior Class Gift Fund
2010 Senior Class Gift Fund
2011 Senior Class Gift Fund
2012 Senior Class Gift Fund
2013 Senior Class Gift Fund
2016 Senior Class Gift
Aileen and Keith Ford Endowed Scholarship
Albert Evans Memorial Scholarship
Aleene McReynolds Fund
Alice Graves Lind Memorial Scholarship
Always a Bear Alumni Scholarship
Andrea and Stephen Bough Scholarship for Cristo Rey KC
Ann Kampeter Endowed Scholarship
Anna B. Jefferson Memorial Scholarship
Asher-Tearney Legacy Scholarship for Education and Engineering
Assn of Classroom Educators International Scholarship
Association of Black Collegians Scholarship
B. Frank and Ora Dale Ryan Gillette Scholarship
B.G. and Marie Williams Scholarship
Barbara J. Jones Ameduri Memorial Wildlife Scholarship
Basil and Joann Boritzki Endowment
Basil Boritzki Endowment-Sch For Academic Achievement
Be Strong Endowed Scholarship
Bernice Gabriel Memorial Scholarship
Beth and Sarah Muegge Gold Girl Scout Scholarship
Bill and Virginia Ralls Darr Graduate Scholarship
Bill and Virginia Ralls Darr Scholarship
Bridge the World Scholarship for International Students
Bronze Bear 2014
C. Wallace Walter Memorial Scholarship
Carol D. Jones Endowed Scholarship
Central High School Academic Scholarship
Charles and Lisa Slavens Endowed Scholarship
Charlotte Hardin Scholarship
Chinese Students & Scholars Association Scholarship
Class of 1935 Scholarship
Class of 1950 Scholarship
Class of 1960 Scholarship
Class Of 1975 Scholarship
Class of 1999 Scholarship
Class of 2018
Clell Burnett Educational Fund
Clessie Nelson Oswald Scholarship Fund
Clif and Gail Smart First Generation Student Scholarship
Clinton and Leta Reed Scholarship
CreAsian Scholarship
Cynthia R. Black Webster County Leadership Scholarship
D.E. Miller Endowed Scholarship
Dan Cook Scholarship
Darrell Flanigan Memorial Scholarship
David and Betty Fraley Endowed Scholarship
David Harrell and Mabel Jackson Northrip Scholarship
David M. and Betty F. Ellsworth Scholarship: Chadwick High School
David Stanley Scholarship
Dollie Jones Bittenbender Scholarship
Don Delo Parkview High School Scholarship
Don Kinne Memorial Scholarship
Don M. and Judy Gibson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dove Scholarship for Highly Involved Chinese Students
Dr. Earle and Dalene Doman Leadership Scholarship
Dr. Marc Cooper Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Nancy L. Curry Endowed Scholarship
Duane G. and 'Lyn Meyer Scholarship
E.R. Smith Scholarship
Eagle Boy Scout Scholarship
Ed and Carol Pinegar Fund
Edwards Family Scholarship
Elsie L. Plaster Endowed Scholarship
Emergency Scholarship Fund
Emmy Noether Scholarship
Evans and Aleene McReynolds Memorial Scholarship
Evelyn A. Porter Scholarship
Everett and Nila Hayes Scholarship Fund
First Generation Student Support Fund
Floyd M. and Bertha E. Holt Scholarship
Fran and Cliff Whipple Scholarship
Garland and LaVella Reynolds Endowment Fund
Gene Edwards Memorial Scholarship
Genevieve Roy Memorial Scholarship
Grace Gardner Memorial
Grant L. Davis Fund
Grant Wesley Lawson and Theresa King Lawson Endowment
Greg and Paula Boone Memorial Scholarship
Hammond Scholarship for the Visually Impaired
Hartville High School Scholarship
Helena B. Cobb Scholarship
Hickok Family Foundation Scholarship
Higdon Scholarship
Holly Lane Hunt and Heather L Hunt-McNamara Legacy Endowed S
Homer and Dorothy Mace Kesterson Scholarship
Hutchens Industries, Inc. Scholarship
Investment Internship Award
Ivan D. and Georgia York Calton Scholarship
James E. Bane Scholarship
James H. Buford Multicultural Leadership Scholarship
Jason H. Brown Scholarship
Jean Freeman Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Fortner Memorial Scholarship
Jessie M. Ross Memorial Scholarship
Jim Ferguson Diversity Enhancement Scholarship Fund
Jimmie Linegar Memorial Scholarship
JMS Charitable Foundation Scholarship
John A. Jackson Zeta Chi Memorial Scholarship Fund
John and Janice Catau Family Scholarship
John Bourhis Excellence in Teaching Award
John Parker and, his wife, Mildred Coats Parker Scholarship
John Q. Hammons Memorial Fund
Joseph E. Simpson Memorial Fund
Joseph N. Boyce-Wall Street Journal Public Affairs Award
Judge A.P. and Faye Stone Public Affairs Endowment
Julia J. Jones Endowed Scholarship
Julie and Larry Ebersold Endowed Fund
Ken Gunter Endowment
Kirk Buckner Memorial Scholarship
Knoop Scholarship
Larry D and Glenna C (Hanks) Frazier Endowed Scholarship
Lebanon Alumni Scholarship
License Plate Gift Fund
Likins-Fowler Scholarship
Lillian (Selvidge) and James Lusk (Truck) McCall Endowed Sch
Lillian McCall Memorial Scholarship
Lisa Reece Memorial AScend OTC Transfer Scholarship
Liz Wagner Memorial International Student Scholarship
Lt Fred Wolter International Exchange Scholarship
Lucille Strawson Abegglen Scholarship for the Arts
Lucy E. Smith Scholarship
Mahala Denney Scholarship
Marie Graves May Memorial Scholarship
MarooNation Kansas City Student Scholarship
MarooNation Springfield Student Scholarship
MarooNation St. Louis Student Scholarship
Martin Luther King Memorial Scholarship
Mary Jean (Price) Walls Multicultural Leadership Scholarship
Max and Fern DeForest Scholarship Fund
Mid-Missouri Bank Education Fund
Mike and Barbara Ingram Endowed Scholarship
Minority Scholarship-Women's Studies
Minority Studies and Scholarships
Missouri State Alumni/St. Louis Leadership Scholarship
Missouri State University - General Scholarship Support
Missouri State University Dames Scholarship (Vi Pollard Memo
Missouri State University Leadership Chair
Missouri State University Oklahoma Alumni Scholarship
Mona Casady Fund
Morton-Wilson Memorial Scholarship
MSU Fund for Sustainability
Multicultural Leadership Scholarship
Myrtle P. Teter Memorial Scholarship
Nahon Fund
Nancy and Greg Onstot Endowed Fund
Nancy and Greg Onstot Endowed Fund
Nate Deniz Memorial Scholarship
Neosha & John Mackey Qingdao University Student Scholarship Fund
Non-traditional Student Scholarship
Nora Spurlock Parker Scholarship
Nora Spurlock Parker Scholarship
Norman M. Spiva Scholarship
Opal J. Hooper and Leon Hooper Memorial Scholarship
Ora Dale Ryan Gillette Scholarship
Paul and Olga Smith Memorial Scholarship
Paul D. and Marian F. Minick Scholarship
Payton Family Memorial Scholarship
Pearl Yocham Memorial Scholarship
Peggy Bane Memorial Scholarship
Peter D. Minick Memorial Scholarship
Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Award
Philip Morris Scholarship
Pleasant View Scholarship Fund
Ralph and Elva Harmon Scholarship
Ralph and Elva Harmon Scholarship
Ralph and James Natinger Scholarship
Ralph L. and Ethel H. Schoonover Scholarship
Ray and Susie Forsythe Scholarship
Ray and Susie Forsythe-Cabool High School Scholarship
Rebecca Susan Finley Memorial Scholarship
Renee Clarke Scholarship
Residence Life and Services Custodial Staff Scholarship
Rex and Sharon Hunt Endowed Scholarship
Richard and Evelyn Nichols University Child Care Center Empl
Robert B. Noble Scholarship
Robert E. and Patricia A. Schmidt Foundation Scholarship Fund
Robert Lee Scott Memorial Scholarship
Robert M. and Edith I. Garst Endowed Fund
Roma and Edna Durington Scholarship
Roma and Edna Durington Scholarship
Rosemary L. Frankeberger Scholarship
Roy T. Charles US Bank Scholarship
Scholarships For Women
Sechler Family Scholarship
Senior Class Gift 2015
Senior Class Gift 2017
Sigma Pi Scholastic and Leadership Scholarship
Spence Jackson Memorial Scholarship
Sports Shake Scholarship
Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship (for Studen
Springfield Business and Professional Women's Club Scholarship
Staff Senate Scholarship
Steve and Peggy Foucart Scholarship Fund
Student Scholarships
Terry Lynn Washam Memorial Scholarship
The Bill Lacy Sigma Pi Scholarship
The Bob Weekley Memorial Endowed Scholarship
The Boeing Company Scholarship
The Bowler Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Honors Scholarship
The Marion and Pat Wolf Family Scholarship
The Minor Family Scholarship
The Rob R. Freeman Delta Alpha Pi Scholarship
Thomas E. Allen Scholarship (Baseball Book)
Thomas J. Wyrick Scholarship
Todd Morriss Grant for Needy Students
Tolerance Advocacy Scholarship
Tom and Betty O'Sullivan/Tandy Corporation Scholarship Fund
Tom Edwards/Sigma Nu Endowed Educational Scholarship Award
Traveling Men's Booster Club Scholarship
Tribute Memorial Scholarship Fund
Unrestricted Endowment-General Funds
V. A. Dobyns Scholarship
Virginia C. Bussey Promise Scholarship Fund
Washington DC Area Alumni Chapter Scholarship
Wayne Allee Memorial Scholarship
Wayne and Melba Miller Scholarship
Wehr/Aaron's Automotive Products Scholarship
White River Valley Electric Trust Scholarship
William Duke Hiett Memorial Scholarship
William Elmer Ryan Memorial Scholarship
William G. and Retha Stone Baker Scholarship
William G. and Retha Stone Baker Scholarship (Honor of the A
William K. Berry Strafford High School Scholarship
Winkler Endowment