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For a clear perspective on current events and issues, or if you're looking for a speaker for your event, you can rely on the expert resources at Missouri State University. Many of our faculty and staff members are recognized authorities in their respective fields and are articulate analysts for a variety of local, national and international topics.

This list of experts and speakers will help you when you're looking for someone to comment on breaking news, searching for that offbeat feature story or planning for an upcoming event. It will also provide a sampling of the research being conducted at Missouri State University on some of the world's most interesting and critical issues. Simply click on the topic, then on the name of the Missouri State University faculty or staff member to find out more about his or her expertise.

Interviews can be arranged by calling the phone number listed for each expert. For those faculty and staff members on the Internet, an e-mail address is noted. Should you be unable to contact one of our experts, or require expertise on a subject not listed here, please contact the Missouri State University office of university communications by calling 417-836-6397.

If you are a Missouri State University faculty or staff member and would like to be added to this list, please submit an application.

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